Give the pet a bath of six essential items


   Routine repairs can keep the pet's fur healthy, but if the pet rolls on a stinky object, it is sometimes necessary to bathe the dog. When you give the dog a bath, you should have the following bathing tools:
Pet quickly dry box: cold winter, the owner did not dare to easily give the dog a bath, fear of low temperature caused a cold. How is the dog dirty? You just use the pet quickly dry box, no manual, the machine automatically dry, ten minutes to complete very efficient, but also the liberation of his hands!
Pet hair clean sponge: no need to use water, as long as the use of clean sponge gently rub the dog's coat, you can remove the dog's dust and shedding of the coat. Remove the dirt from the sponge and use it again. Even if the sponge dirty also does not matter, you can use detergent and water to clean, to be dry, can be reused.
Pet Shampoo: similar to people's shampoo, but the ingredients and people are not commonly used, it is recommended that you use the best pet shampoo.
Towel: Please prepare a special towel for the dog, with a towel for the dog to the body extra powder dry.
Pet dry powder: do not have to soak the dog, just thoroughly clear the coat, the dry powder evenly spread on the dog's coat, and then repeatedly comb. To be dry after washing powder into the hair, the comb can be. Dry powder can not only remove the dog body dirt, but also has a bactericidal anti-inflammatory, remove the grease, nutrition and other effects.
Wash clean foam: the foam evenly applied to the dog body, hand massage, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Even if the dog is dirty, repeated use of several times can be completely new look. After use dog fur soft and smooth, can be long to keep fragrance. Contains the essence of European medicine chrysanthemum, anti-sensitive, and has a natural antibacterial effect.